Technology will make Constitution more Accessible, Affordable and Accountable: Amit Shah (Technology and Constitution)

Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated that the legal system will become simpler as a result of technology’s use.
Speaking at the CLEA-Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference (CAGSC-24) Valedictory Ceremony in the nation’s capital, the Union Home Minister urged the creation of a justice system that is accessible, affordable, and accountable.

Technology and Indian Constitution
Technology and Indian Constitution

The modern justice system must be based on the three A’s: accessible, affordable, and accountable. To this end, we must maximize the use of technology in all three areas. This will simplify things greatly, in my opinion,” Shah remarked.
The Union Minister added that, given the cross-border difficulties, technology will need to be included into the legal system as a whole.

“I think the courts will need to alter in light of how the current situation is evolving. The use of technology throughout the legal procedure will be necessary given the cross-border issues. Using 19th-century laws, we are unable to administer justice in the twenty-first century. After the three laws listed by the Law Minister and the Solicitor General are fully implemented, he continued, “I would like to say that India’s criminal justice system will become the most modern criminal justice system in the world.”

Shah was present at the Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference (CASGC) 2024, which was held at New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan.
“Cross-Border Challenges in Justice Delivery” is the conference’s theme.
According to a press announcement from the prime minister’s office, the conference will discuss significant legal and justice-related problems such as executive responsibility, judicial transition and the ethical aspects of legal practice, and a review of contemporary legal education.
President Droupadi Murmu was also present at the event.

Shah emphasized further that with the new criminal legislation approved by Parliament, the Central government has made room for technology.
“With the introduction of the three new laws pertaining to the criminal justice system, technology and FSL have both gained ground. We have included provisions for sentences of seven years and more in every part to encourage the use of evidence in prosecutions. Overall, it is now required to attend the visit by the FSL Scientific Officer. By founding FSL University, we have already finished building all the necessary infrastructure and producing human resources before the law is passed,” he stated.

Shah added that as soon as the three new criminal laws are put into effect, the nation will be able to advance its judicial system.
“As soon as the law is implemented in the entire country we will be able to take this system forward from the very next day,” he stated.

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