A significant makeover is implemented at Cuttack Railway Station! Orissa’s cultural legacy will be highlighted with a premier station

The Cuttack railway station in Odisha is a vital center that links people all over the nation. The station, a crucial component of the area’s infrastructure, is undergoing a rehabilitation project that is taking it on a dramatic journey.

img 20240130 2357573866534962287143993 A significant makeover is implemented at Cuttack Railway Station! Orissa's cultural legacy will be highlighted with a premier station

This enormous project represents a substantial step forward in the state’s commitment to improving connectivity and the passenger experience, in addition to envisioning a modernized transportation hub.

Under the Indian Railways’ Amrit Station Scheme, the station is being redeveloped at a cost of Rs 303 crore. The Indian Railways reduced the number of stations for rehabilitation to 1,309 in 2021.

Notably, the three-story Cuttack station that has been renovated will offer top-notch passenger amenities such distinct concourses for arrivals and departures, a sizable food court, and a contemporary retiring room.

The renovated Cuttack railway station will highlight the city’s rich cultural legacy and the Bali Jatra, according to a recent announcement from the East Coast Railway. These components would be placed in the center of the station’s main structure.

The station’s renovation project got underway in April of last year and is expected to be finished the following year. “We have chosen to give Bali Jatra a prominent space at the main station building because it is a rich, ancient tradition of the city,” East Coast Railway (ECoR) Chief Engineer (Construction), Ajay Kumar Samal, stated.

The Odisha people once traded by sailing from the banks of the Mahanadi River to destinations including Bali, Java, Sumatra, and Sri Lanka. Every year on Kartik Purnima, people organize a fair called Bali Jatra to commemorate the city’s maritime heritage.

The custom is symbolized by a big boat known as a boita that is raised on the Mahanadi River’s riverbed. The core of Bali Jatra will be encapsulated in the main station structure, according to Samal.

“In addition, local tribal paintings reflecting the city’s tradition will be displayed on the inner walls of the station, similar to those found in the waiting area,” he continued.

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We hope to complete the construction of the main building on time, as we have completed sixty percent of it to date. The ECoR chief engineer revealed that the project is intended to be a self-sufficient, energy-efficient green building.

Upgrading the railway system in Odisha
Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated and laid the cornerstone for multiple railway projects in Odisha valued at over Rs 8,000 crores in May 2023. These projects included plans to rehabilitate the railway stations in Cuttack and Puri.

“Cuttack Railway station will be redeveloped as a world-class station and Rs 303 crores have been sanctioned for the redevelopment work,” stated Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw in a separate ceremony.

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